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About Maxxport

About Maxxport


Maxxport are specialists in the Russian market, working on behalf of European companies in the luxury fashion industry.  We take care of sales and distribution in Russia and the CIS.

Our many years of experience in distribution, marketing, import and export, as well as our specialist knowledge of the legal requirements in each target country, enable us to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Maxxport Deutschland


Our Location

With our central location in Fürth, Germany, we ensure optimal accessibility and reliable communication for our suppliers. This facilitates efficient collaboration and strengthens partnerships through direct and prompt responsiveness.

Our Aims

Our aim is to significantly optimise our clients’ sales in Russia and the CIS in order to achieve maximum competitive advantage.

While you focus your efforts on your product, we will take care of sales, imports and payment processing, overcoming any bureaucratic hurdles along the way.

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Maxxport GmbH

Glockenstraße 24

90765 Fürth



Maria Weiss

Tel.: +49 911 787 18 584


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